Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro

Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro

Battstation Tough Dual Pro is our solution for today's ever hungry power to mobile phones and gadgets. It is designed to enable you to stay connected anywhere, wherever you are. No more worries on damaging the power bank due to accident drops or due to splashes of water. The power bank is designed to withstand impacts and ports are sealed. Available in 7200 mAh or 8400 mAh.

Impact and Splash resistant.

Dual USB Output for simultaneous charging of 2 devices.

Torch Light (except for 12000 mAh).

Carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks and outdoor activities (12000 mAh only).

Support Pass Through Charging.

Automatic Power Off when connected devices are fully charged.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can Mojo BattStation charge?
Battstation is designed to charge 2 devices simultaneously. USB Port A outputs 1A and USB Port B outputs 0.5A, giving out a total power of 1.5A max.

Can Mojo BattStation charge iPad and Android Tablets?
Yes, you can. However, some devices require 2.1A to charge the tablet while in use and 1A to charge in sleep/off mode. Please refer to your device user manual to view the requirements.

How can I recharge the BattStation and how long?
You may recharge the Battstation using any powered USB port via computer or AC outlet. It will take about 7-8 hours to recharge the BattStation to full using an AC USB wall charger connected to the smaller micro usb port found on the BattStation.

Which port should I use to charge Tablet and Mobile Phone/Smartphone?
We recommend using the 1A output USB port to charge your Tablet and the 0.5A to charge your Mobile Phone/Smartphone when used simultaneously. When not charging Tablet, we recommend using the 1A output for charging your Mobile Phone/Smartphone as it will halve the charging time.

Can I charge my device while charging the BattStation?
Yes, you can. We have built-in the pass through support so that you will have both your devices and Mojo Battstation fully charged to serve your need the next day when charged overnight. Best of all, the Battstation will automatically power off to conserve battery when your connected devices are fully charged.

How many times can the BattStation charge an iPhone 4/4S/5?
A fully charged BattStation 8400 mAh can charge the iPhone 4/4S/5 up to 4 times from 0 to 100%. On a Battstation 7200 mAh, it can charge the iPhone 4/4S/5 up to 3 times.

How do I activate the built-in torch light of the BattStation?
You can press the power indicator button TWICE to turn on the built-in torch light. To deactivate it, you can press the power button TWICE again.

Once my device is connected to the Mojo BattStation, how do I start the charging?
Easy. Just press the power indicator button and charging will begin.


IB-PWB-BLK-72 : 7200 mAh
IB-PWB-BLK-84 : 8400 mAh
IB-PWB-BLK-A2 : 12000 mAh


Input : 5V DC, 1A
Output 1 : 5V DC, 1A (2.1A for 12000 mAh)
Output 2 : 5V DC, 500mA (1A for 12000 mAh)
Battery Cell : Lithium-Ion


Length x Width x Depth (7200 mAh & 8400 mAh) : 110 x 69 x 22.5 mm
Length x Width x Depth (12000 mAh) : 110 x 76 x 24 mm
Weight (7200 mAh) : 180 g
Weight (8400 mAh) : 210 g
Weight (12000 mAh) : 300 g


Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro
Micro-USB Charge Cable (80 cm / 2.6 ft)
30-pin Apple Connector
Samsung Galaxy Tab Connector
Carabiner (only for 12000 mAh)
User Manual


1 Year Limited International Warranty